Who is John Crestani?

By: Brittney

Welcome to my Who is John Crestani? review. My goal is to help you understand what the program is all about, how much it costs, if it’s a good use of your time, your money, and much more! It should be less than 10 minutes start to finish, so let’s dive in!
This Who is John Crestani? review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Firstly, Why Am I Writing This Review?

Nice to meet you, my name is Brittney!

My story starts  like many do… “slaving away” at a 9-5 job that I didn’t really enjoy, but hey – it paid the bills.

I worked for a large Fortune 500 company that performed background checks for other companies when they wanted to hire a new employee… so you know, not exactly exciting stuff.

For a lot of people, a nice stable job and predictable check coming in every month is the picture of success, but for me, it felt like I was missing out on life.

Clocking in every single day, doing the same tasks over and over again, getting home with barely enough time to make dinner and enjoy some time to myself… only to wake up again the next morning and do it all over again.

I just wanted to enjoy life without being shackled to an unfilling job. 

I wanted to be able to take vacations whenever I wanted, for however long I wanted.

I didn’t want to have to beg my boss for a salary increase that barely matched inflation.

I just wanted to be free and happy.

Then about 4 years ago (as a stroke of luck), I stumbled across a program that taught me how to make money online by actually helping real people (local US businesses).

my concrete site

The image above shows an example. This mini website brings me in around $1,250 every single month, and I haven’t touched it in over 2 years.

That’s $15,000 per year in my pocket without having to really do anything.

Just helping small mom-and-pop shops keep their lights on and grow.

So it makes sense why local lead generation is my top online business for passive income. If you’re curious how that business model works, you can read more here.

NOTE: I DO NOT WORK WITH​ Who is John Crestani?

Who Cares About That?

99% of reviewers out there don’t have experience running an actual business. They’re writing about stuff that they have no real experience with.

Why would they do that?

They just want you to click through and buy the  program that the review is about!

I have absolutely no relationship with Who is John Crestani?, so you can rest easy knowing that I’m going to give you my honest opinion.

This review is written based on my own experiences with this business model.

All that being said, let’s jump into things.

John Crestani is a digital marketer and entrepreneur who has been doing business online since 2011. He has become an internet celebrity. After getting fired from his 9-5 corporate office job and while surviving off a little family loan, John switched to religious books for guidance on a pursuit to look for direction. One of which was “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, the book that inspired Crestani to build his online business empire. In the book, Tim shares advice on how you can do a small business, which, over time, can efficiently run nearly totally by itself, which means that you have to perform 4 hours a week only. The guide is loaded with tested tips and methods to enable you to gain control of your life and work – and this is precisely what John Crestani did. He capitalized on his skills to produce a digital advertising empire that generates $500,000 every single month. Using Tim Ferriss’ book as a guide, John can now travel anywhere every time he wants.


The Journey


It was not an overnight success story.


His first attempt was at promoting products on eBay that generated $ 1,200 every month. But despite being successful, his business ran into issues when Paypal refused to give his funds because the products he was selling are not compliant with Paypal terms and conditions. It consequently resulted in Paypal taking his account down. After re-enrolling in school, John pursued another business which involved university students accessing test answers in PDFs. He earned $ 1,000 a day but had him suspended soon after.


After a year, John decided to get a “9-5 job” in Los Angeles. This is where John learned about PPC marketing and the right way to produce engaging digital ads. He mastered this in no time and started bringing in more than $110,000 in sales every month to the company. Crestani consequently asked for a pay rise but was declined. He felt that his work was not rewarded and acknowledged, and so his performance dropped and was fired eventually.


Regardless of the many setbacks and failures, Crestani’s primary goal of owning and managing a multi-million dollar business was set into motion again. Armed now with his mastered craft in online marketing, he knew things would be different this time.


Rather than spending time and money to create his products, John learned that he could make way better profit margins via advertising different companies’ products.


Additionally, it probably demanded the least time and effort. But the real secret is this: he discovered that by creating video tutorials, he could double both his income and workflow. He began recording his expert marketing secrets and coming up with step-by-step presentations to send to his team. His secret sauce finally gave John a company to scale and work with wherever he is and anytime he wants. This enables him to travel around the world and direct his time and energy to things he is passionate about.

Super Affiliate System (SAS)


John Crestani started affiliate marketing and found a revenue-generating business in the healthcare niche. Since that time, Crestani has taught his proven methods in affiliate marketing to others and has been showcased in Forbes and Business Insider, and many other reputable sources. Crestani is trying to tell us to shift away, quite literally, from meaningless work, which does nothing at all for us. 


He developed an online course called Super Affiliate System – one of the most intensive courses on Affiliate Marketing, which spans six weeks containing more than 50 hours of content. The system features video lectures and tutorials, paired with quizzes and homework assignments, to evaluate retention. Affiliate marketing is a commission project which rewards you for your power to market other people’s products and services. The more you promote, the more you are rewarded, so by motivating individuals to market them for you by giving them a cut of the profit, you simply sit back and wait for the money to start coming in.


Affiliate advertising has been a huge “buzz” for a while now. The thought is usually to get a landing page that will convert people who visit your site into buyers while you earn money off of each sale. Crestani concentrates on using paid ads to generate targeted traffic to your web page. It would offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it didn’t work for you. Interestingly, if you succeed in generating more than $10,000 using the program’s techniques, Crestani will also refund your purchase. The video course includes several bonuses that are part of the bundle. They are: 


  • Marketing data to use with Facebook AdsMonthly coaching calls
  • A 1-on-1 call with John Crestani
  • Pre-built sales pages
  • Swipe files (copy-paste ads)
  • Free ad credits (i.e., credits to advertise through specific networks)


The Super Affiliate System is divided into six weeks which covers a different topic each week:


  • Week 1: Setup
  • Week 2: Choosing Your Niche
  • Week 3: Marketing Skills
  • Week 4: Facebook & Google Ads
  • Week 5: Native & Youtube Ads
  • Week 6: Scaling & Outsourcing

Does it work?


Overall, it does! The Super Affiliate System has a structured curriculum that will walk you through the whole practice of beginning an internet affiliate business. Additionally, it has many bonuses, which will provide you with an advantage when building your affiliate marketing product (i.e., free advertisement credits, swipe documents, etc.). The program is backed by a hundred percent money-back guarantee, which means the risk is negligible. I like that Crestani stands by the quality of his work by adding this benefit.


The course itself covers a great deal of crucial information and delivers on the promises made on the product sales page. But I have to warn you – affiliate advertising is not simple. Affiliate marketing, like every business, requires commitment and persistence, especially if it involves trial-and-error. If you are dedicated to it, you will undoubtedly taste and see success. That said, you have to have expectations that are realistic when signing up for a program like SAS. John Crestani isn’t offering a foolproof system but a business strategy. The method is practical and has created other people wealthy. 


Super Affiliate System is ideal for individuals who are foreign to affiliate marketing. The program does a fantastic job of walking individuals through the step-by-step process of beginning an affiliate business. The video tutorials are not hard to follow. The course has plenty of resources that are useful and helpful. You will get access to free marketing swipe files, ad credits, and an online community that could help guide you – all these are crucial for new online marketers.


In case you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer, the study course may not be that useful, especially if you are already using similar marketing channels included in this course.


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