5 Best MLM Opportunities In 2024 (In-Depth Breakdown)

By: Brittney


Let’s take a trip down the winding roads of MLMs! 

Where every right turn seems a little left, and every pitfall seems just ahead. 

You might think I’m joking, but it’s a crazy world. 

In this review, I’m gonna step you through what I believe are the Top 5 MLM programs in 2024 that can make you the most money with the least amount of headaches. 

I want to stress that the companies in this list are not what some think of as Pyramid Scams, what I mean is that you actually can make money with the product as opposed to just signing the next schlub into your downline. 

Now, before we get too far into the weeds, for most people looking to start their own business, MLMs are usually the first things they look at. 

Sadly, this industry seems to have its sights set on women, but there are some programs that target men as well. 

Also, the industry has been taking its hits lately with all the FTC issues and government 3-letter clubs shining the light on them, so we want to bring your attention to that too. 

My goal here is to give you a solid run down of MLMs that are actually legit and not looking to rip people off. 

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of which MLM might be for you, or whether you would rather look at a different industry altogether. 

We’re breaking the review down with the following: 

  • A Star Rating (up to 5)
  • The Compensation Type (ie: Stair Step, Matrix, Binary, Unilevel)
  • The Price To Join

We’ll also look at these 3 things too:

  • The Product and Training Value
  • The Community Value
  • The Mentorship Value

These 3 elements help us with our ultimate scores. 

To round it all off, we’ll also give you a key advantage and disadvantage, so be sure not to skip those!

So, let’s do this… 

#5 - Enagic

Overall Rating

Compensation Type

Unilevel + Stairstep




Program Snapshot

The claim to fame for Enagic is their Japanese water filtration systems.  The main selling point is something called “Kangen Water”, which if you haven’t heard of before, it just means that it has a certain pH level. 

The claims supporting “Kangen Water” are a little light on scientific endorsement and widespread acceptance. Yet, they seem to resonate with a specific group online who are either somewhat cautious or flat out distrustful towards the government, health institutions, or the science community as a whole.

Despite the health “benefits”, Enagic requires a hefty investment to sign up, which is a considerable financial gamble, regardless of the profit potential on the back end.

Due to this cost and the crowded market, there’s a lot of pressure on you to make sales. This often leads to distributors bringing more people on board, with the hope that these recruits can help in driving sales.

Key Points


Final Thoughts

If health and longevity are important to you and the idea of Kangen Water, although foreign, appeals to you then this could be a match made in Heaven. 

If you’re not all that interested in the product itself and just looking for a way to make extra money, I would consider something else.

#4 - LifeVantage

Overall Rating

Compensation Type



$50 - $1,250


Program Snapshot

To get started in LifeVantage you’ll need to pony up $50 for a starter kit which only gives you a few products.  

For those who want to go all in, you can get larger product kits that cost upwards of $1,250.

The feedback on their product line is a mixed bag; some endorse the health benefits, while others are still pretty skeptical.

Some of your money comes from product sales, but the most is made by recruiting new members to your sales team, which is par for the course in MLM programs.

The hard truth is a majority of MLM recruits have a tough time making decent money, especially when selling to their inner circle.

While some are ok with earning part-time income and enjoying the products, those who want to make upwards of five figures in a month have a lot of hurdles to jump.

Key Points


Final Thoughts

LifeVantage claims their products are top-notch, which they say is backed by reputable science.

For example, they have a “game-changer” supplement called Protandim that’s been getting some decent traction.

Does it live up to all the hype? Maybe, maybe not. 

But, if you’re passionate about health and wellness and are up for the challenge of MLM, LifeVantage could be an interesting path. 

Just go in with your eyes wide open, understanding both the potential and the pitfalls.

#3 - Pampered Chef

Overall Rating

Compensation Type



$99 - $200


Program Snapshot

The Pampered Chef is a network marketing organization that focuses a lot on recruitment for making big money (like most MLMs do). Relying solely on product sales simply won’t cut it for any decent amount of income. Without that, you’d probably be better off finding a regular 9 to 5.

For example, on the company’s site, you’ve got a couple of highest-priced items—a knife set at $380 and a blender at $350. At a 20% commission, you’d make roughly $76 and $70, respectively.

If you’re looking to make at least $5,000 per month, you’d have to sell either 65 knife sets or 71 blenders, which is a pretty big feat if you ask me.

On top of that, considering the price range, alternatives like Vitamix or Blendtec have similar products with competitive if not lower pricing, which makes you wonder if you need to buy from Pampered Chef at all.

For that matter, recruiting 15 people who each sell 10 blenders monthly could help you make the same amount of money, but this strategy pits you against other PC’ers within your same group of friends.

Basically, making a living through Pampered Chef requires a lot of hats like being a personal sales genius and a large pool of friends, family and neighbors to hit up to join your “opportunity”.

For those who find excitement in such challenges, this opportunity might appeal.

If this sounds like something that would get you up in the morning, then maybe this is for you.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s a little less involved and doesn’t risk your invitation to the next family reunion, then you should pass on MLMs.

Key Points


Final Thoughts

If you’ve got the gift of gab and love to hang out at church social with other people who live in the kitchen, then it sounds like you’re custom made for Pampered Chef. 

If you’re the type of person that makes friends at the drop of a hat and thinks that selling kitchen utensils is life’s calling, then give it a shot. 

On the other hand, if the thought of this makes you want to hide in the basement all day, then the next couple of options would be more suitable.

#2 - Vector Marketing / Cutco Knives

Overall Rating

Compensation Type





Program Snapshot

Vector Marketing offers a chance to get involved in network marketing by selling luxury knife sets to your friends and family.

I’ve seen these presentations firsthand, I even own a couple knives from them.

They give you a script and a demo kit, encouraging you to Impress your relatives by slicing through leather with your eyes closed, cutting through pennies with scissors, all with the goal of selling these expensive sets.

The huge pot hole with Vector Marketing is in its initial investment.

Shelling out $4,000 might not seem all that pricey for starting a business, but we’re talking about a knife set… A KNIFE SET!

Unlike other opportunities where you’re investing in yourself and learning new skills or knowledge, here, you’re essentially stocking up on products, hoping the company’s sales training boosts your success.

This presents a Vegas-style gamble. However, if you master the art of selling these knives, Vector rewards you with higher commissions and bonuses for outperforming others, which is why I’ve ranked it #2.

But a word of caution: if your contacts aren’t well-to-do or you lack a solid friend network, jumping into this MLM might not be the wisest choice.

You might find more success exploring other MLMs or even a completely different business model.

Key Points


Final Thoughts

If you’re a professional with a decent monthly income and feel like splurging on a luxury knife set, or you’re married to one and think you could sell them on the side to your wealthy friends, have at it.  

If you’re a broke college student looking to make ends meet, shelling out $4k is just insane and Thanksgiving will be hella awkward. 

#1 - Amway

Overall Rating

Compensation Type

Unlimited Stair Step Breakaway Model


< $100 per year


Program Snapshot

Amway has been around for a while, I believe ever since Moses freed the slave from Egypt. LOL!

Actually, it got started back in 1959 giving people the opportunity to sell their products and work from home.

These products range from health supplements to cleaning supplies, and to join, you’re required to pay a $100 monthly fee.

The company’s health supplements are produced on their own farms, and they also offer a water purifier that is highly rated for improving the taste of tap water.

Selling Amway products can be challenging due to their high prices, which makes it hard for you to make a decent amount of sales.

On average, you stand to make about $200 a month, which is ridiculously low considering the effort you have to put into your business.

Key Points


Final Thoughts

Nowadays, MLMs are a dime a dozen, and even though Amway has stood the test of time, it’s still hard for people like you and me to make a decent amount of money given all the other MLMs that you can join. 

So, I’ll say this… if you like “buying from yourself” and getting a discount using your IBO number, then Amway is a good choice. 

If you’re a recruiting master and believe you can build a huge downline, then break out the whiteboard and draw those circles, because selling these products to your neighbors for a decent profit is out of the question.

Alternatives To MLM?

With all the different types of pyramid companies you find today, you have to ask, have MLMs jumped the shark? 

Some might think so, but why? 

MLMs, or multi-level marketing companies, have been a topic of heated debate, not necessarily for being the absolute worst in the business model but definitely coming in hot with their fair share of controversies.

The crux of their negative image comes from the actions of a few companies that have engaged in, shall we say, less than ethical practices, including offering overly ambitious commissions or peddling subpar products.

A major red flag with some of these companies is their reliance on recruitment over actual product sales for revenue.

A good rule of thumb to determine an MLM’s credibility is the 80-20 rule: if 80% of your income is expected to come from product sales and only 20% from recruiting new members, that’s good!

So, with that said, be leery of companies that:

  • Promise easy and high earnings, suggesting you can easily make over $50,000 a month.
  • Constantly push for purchasing more products as part of an upsell strategy.
  • Imply that not buying additional products negates the value of what you’ve already invested.
  • Base the majority of potential income on recruiting new members rather than on sales.

Now, let’s take a wide-angled look at MLMs, keeping in mind that opinions on this business model vary. Some see potential benefits, while others might agree to disagree.

Pros of MLM/Network Marketing:

  • They offer a low entry barrier for beginners.
  • Some MLMs provide genuinely valuable products.
  • There’s a potential for significant money, especially if you join an MLM early on that gains popularity.

Cons of MLM/Network Marketing:

  • The industry is notorious for scams and exaggerated claims.
  • Joining often requires substantial investment in inventory.
  • MLMs have one of the highest failure rates compared to other business models, up to 97%.
  • Success often depends on selling to friends and family, which can be hard on relationships.

The MLM Secret That Nobody Wants To Acknowledge

Sit back, because I have a couple of things to talk about…

Story #1: The Dirty MLM Secret That Nobody Wants To Acknowledge

I’d like to take you back a few years when I was in my late teens, I think I was a Freshman in College.  

I was going to a local University, living on campus but I was still about a 30+ minute drive from home, so I could see my parents whenever I needed to. 

Honestly, I don’t like thinking about those times all that much, mainly because my Uncle (my Mother’s little brother) got involved with an MLM company that I’ll call “LifeWaze International”. 

The main premise of this MLM was that they sold just about anything you could think of from skin cream and shampoos to diet pills and nutritional drinks. 

Every weekend I would come home from College to stay with my Mom and Dad for the weekend. We would get together on Friday night to sit around the kitchen table playing cards. 

My Mom and I would go shopping on Saturdays, go to Church Sunday morning and have a huge family dinner with my Grandparents afterwards. 

It was a great time.  

One Friday afternoon, my Mom called me and told me that my Uncle wanted to talk to everyone in the family about something that he was really excited about.  

He wouldn’t go into detail, just that everything would be explained that following Saturday night. 

So, we all got together in the living room, where I saw this display of what looked like fancy department store perfumes and hand lotions, along with sports drinks with a picture of Olympic athletes on the cover. 

There standing by the fireplace was my Uncle with a white board explaining this new business opportunity that he just got involved with. 

He started drawing circles, writing down numbers, and answering a whole bunch of different questions that everyone but me were asking him. 

After the meeting was over, I helped my Mom and Grandma start cleaning things up in the kitchen. 

When I went back out to the living room, I saw my Dad writing a check to my Uncle for a “product kit”.  

Later that night, after everyone went home, I asked my Dad what he got and he told me that it was something just to get my Uncle off his back. 

I came to find out that my Dad had also joined LifeWaze and was going to start buying their products because my Mom was interested in improving her health. 

Of course, my Mom was sick or anything, she just wanted to look younger and get in better shape. 

A few months later, I decided to do some research on this company to find out a little bit more about the products just to find out that they were under investigation by the FTC for wild product claims and some underhanded business dealings. 

Turns out, my Uncle had purchased over $5,000 dollars worth of the products when he heard about the FTC lawsuit and was afraid that he was going to be left holding the bag. 

He did manage to sell off about half of the products he had in inventory either to endline customers or as product kits for recruits.  

Once everything came to light, my Mom and Dad nearly disowned him.  

Even though he apologized for everything, his standing with the family never really recovered and to this day my Mom rarely brings him up during family get-togethers. 

Now, I say all that to say this… 

For many years, even since the mid 50s, MLMs have had a stigma attached to them.  

Many companies have been hit by the FTC, and while some came through all that scrutiny with flying colors, they still find it difficult to shake that monkey off their back. 

So, while MLMs are technically legal (so long as they sell an actual product or service to an endline consumer), I don’t think I would ever invest my money with a company like that for fear of the proverbial ax that would fall. 

And I wouldn’t want something to happen that would paint me in a bad light with friends and family. 


Story #2: Losing Control

A few years later, I did something that I swore to myself that I would never do. I got involved with a company that sold products with the goal of helping people lose weight and reverse diabetes. 

You see, my Grandfather was a diabetic and I could see the toll that it took on him and my Grandmother.  This was something that I swore I would never let happen to me. 

The only problem was that I was a little overweight myself and I ate foods that would make a 5 year blush. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the product was great and it really helped me with my sugar cravings, but honestly, my condition wasn’t so bad that a controlled diet and regular exercise wouldn’t fix it. 

But I kept selling the products and making a decent amount of money, about $5,000 every month.  

I was selling mostly to the girls on campus. 

Unfortunately, the school administration caught wind of it from some parents who ended up digging into the company I was with, and the University shut me down and came within an inch of suspending me.   

I guess the specter of MLMs is far and wide reaching. 

So between losing touch with close family members, the issues with FTC investigations and lawsuits, and nearly being kicked out of school… I decided that MLMs just weren’t in my future.  

Today, I focus more on helping people in my community, and in doing so, I’m able to pull in about $20,000 per month and I sleep like a baby at night. 

So, That’s Why MLMs And I Are No Longer Besties

#1: Catching Hell from government bureaucrats

#2: No control over my business


Alright, wrapping everything up, here are three paths you might consider if you’re all in on rolling the dice with an MLM.

Path #1: 

If you’re fine with a higher startup fee and don’t want all the hassles from the FTC, then I would suggest going with LifeVantage or Enagic.

Path #2: 

Just testing the waters without going all In?

Pampered Chef or the Amway could be the way to go.

Let’s be real, MLM has its perks.

Just take a look around. MLM isn’t just fluff; it’s a solid strategy that real businesses use to connect with customers everywhere.

It’s legit valuable.

I’ve got this girlfriend from college who’s killing it with MLM, even got a shoutout in Fortune 500, all by selling vitamins to new mothers.

So yeah, it definitely works.

Just keep in mind that with MLMs, you’re buying a license to sell their product. If you can deal with that, you’re good to go. 

Path #3: 

Hitting that $5,000 – $10,000 per month mark pronto?

You might want to peek at the Digital Leasing business model.

This strategy’s been a goldmine for me, pulling in over $20,000 a month. It’s not quite set-and-forget passive income, but it’s close, offering a legit way to cash in by genuinely helping people out.

Sure, you might need to actually talk to some real people to reach that $10K a month goal, but it’s worth it knowing it’s a viable route. Plus, it’s healthy to step away from the screen every now and then.

Brand new to Digital Leasing?

It’s basically about renting out websites to local businesses locally that are struggling to grow.

Why I Believe Digital Leasing Is Better Than MLMs In 2024

Digital Leasing focuses on specific services in local cities everywhere. We’re not about to start hounding Grandma about some knife demonstration, although I’m sure she’d love to have you over just to say Hi.

Here’s a quick example.

Take the search term for “Castle Rock Concrete”, a city with around 76,000 people and growing.

Here, you’ll find a bunch of concrete companies catering to the locals.

Getting a site ranked here is way simpler than in a more crowded space:

The competition? Much thinner on the ground.

You’re not battling every direct selling enthusiast who jumped into the same MLM as you.

Even better, you’re up against Joe Blow the Concrete Pro who’s never even thought about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before.

Dominating and snagging the best leads for your client is a walk in the park.

My mentor cheekily calls it “knocking out 3rd graders.”

With Digital Leasing, you’re looking at making $500 to $2,500 monthly in a semi-passive way over 3 to 6 months.

Here’s the kicker: every new “digital rental” you set up and lease out doubles your income.

And honestly, for some, 3-6 months might seem like forever. There are folks who nail it in just a week!

Back to my concrete site for a sec.

Notice its position? Right at the top of the organic listings.

That prime spot gets the lion’s share of clicks.

This is why I call it “digital leasing.”

This concrete site pulls in $1,500 a month for me, and I barely have to touch it!

Sure, maybe an hour’s tweak once a month to keep things running smoothly…

No venture is totally “passive,” no matter what the experts claim. That’s why I say it’s “semi-passive” income.

The real win? I set my own pace. Want to scale up? I just find more clients and create more digital properties.

Or else, it’s off to Maui!


Here’s a peek at my call tracker for the concrete site:

Who wouldn’t want to pay for getting 56 potential job leads in a month, especially if you’re a concrete contractor in a small town?

Let’s talk conservatively, and they only close the deal on 10% of those leads (though, in reality, it’s closer to 40%).

That means, with an average job value of $2,000 and closing on just 6, we’re talking about an added $12,000 in their pocket.

Now, if you’re wondering if they’d be up for paying $1,500 for a service that could bring in $15,000 or more, the answer’s a big fat yes. And usually, it ends up being more than just 6 jobs.

Here’s how it works: you pick a specific market, similar to selecting a product niche, rank your website for a highly searched keyword, and then you’re off to land one client in each city.

It’s that straightforward, and the scalability of this business is what makes it so appealing.

What I love the most?

You’re making a real difference.

You’re helping people provide for their families, support their kids’ education, and just make life a bit easier for them.

That’s the real win.

Digital Leasing stands out for several reasons:

You see, local businesses are here to stay, unlike dropshipping products that might suddenly become unavailable, or ad accounts that get shut down.

So, what do I do with the earnings?


Build more digital leasing properties across different cities and match them with clients. You control your time and income, meaning more freedom for vacations or whatever you enjoy.

And if a client drops out?

I simply find a new one and redirect the leads their way, similar to how a landlord finds a new tenant.

Interested in checking it out?

Click here to check out the Digital Leasing program I recommend. It’s unlike anything else out there, led by two founders with top-tier skills.

Most programs are lucky to have one expert.

If you’re up for hard work, ready to be coached, and eager to make a change, I can’t wait to welcome you on board.

It’ll be a life-changer for you… just as it was for me!

Brittney Here!

I get to travel the world and live life without financial worry thanks to the system below!