Who is Steve Clayton?

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Steve Clayton is a successful internet marketing expert who has helped transform the lives of thousands of students who have enrolled in his coaching. He has created success for himself as an internet marketer and shares valuable advice to help entrepreneurs.

Brought up in the United States, Steve Clayton followed the traditional path to success before becoming an internet marketer. He worked as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company and earned years of corporate experience before starting his online business. So, he was already earning a decent income before he considered internet marketing.

However, Steve Clayton did not enjoy the lack of freedom he was faced with when he worked in corporate. He also felt he could get into a position that would be more impactful to people, which is why he moved into internet marketing. 15 years ago, Steve started building his online businesses and grew to become a serial entrepreneur.

Today, Steve runs multiple online businesses that have given him the lifestyle he dreamt of when he left the corporate world. He enjoys mentoring other people while also managing his businesses. 

Online Marketing 

When he left the corporate world, Steve Clayton decided to try his hand in internet marketing. He transitioned when Google, e-commerce, eBay, and Adwords were starting to impact the world. His passion for technology and the fact he was an analytical and sales-oriented person helped him find the right niche to explore. The tech boom happening at the time was a promising opportunity to launch himself and build a solid career around the internet.

Steve Clayton is passionate about science, sales, tech, and marketing. Embracing online marketing allowed him to combine all these passions in order to build online businesses. 

He studied online marketing and became one of the earliest pioneers of internet marketing and e-commerce. With the experience gained over more than 15 years, Steve Clayton has written a course that provides useful guidance to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Before becoming an online marketer, Steve Clayton worked with an entrepreneurship company. However, the company was sold to a 500 billion dollar company and moved from 200 employees to 20,000. This killed its entrepreneurial spirit and Steve thought he could not stay any longer as his ambitions targeted something else.

He worked as vice president in a Fortune 500 company and the experience was frustrating to him. Although he was paid well, he did not find satisfaction in his job, so he left the company and decided to venture into something that gave him more freedom and happiness.

Overcoming the Challenges 

When he left his job, Steve Clayton became jobless and was faced with responsibilities. At this point, he did not know what to do as he felt he had done a lot with his life, including working as a chief officer, IT expert, and VP for a successful company. Staying without an income was frustrating because his wife stayed at home taking care of their two kids, so he had to figure a solution.

Because he wanted to become an entrepreneur, he gave himself a month to plan his next move. His focus was on having his own business that would allow him to have the freedom to play golf and enjoy moments with his wife and kids. After weeks of thinking about his situation, he wanted to try something that required no startup capital, so the idea to embrace internet marketing hit him.

Becoming an Internet Marketer

Steve had done the research and knew internet marketing would be a perfect career because it ticked all the boxes. He enrolled in courses, but there was not enough information to help one become prolific. To add on to the little knowledge he got from the courses, Steve began experimenting. 

At first, he struggled because he marketed to anyone, so he decided to narrow his focus. He built his first website, which was based in the health niche, weight loss in particular. The project was successful, but he did not feel it was good enough, so he took it a step further and tried email marketing and online advertising.

First Million Dollar Project 

In the first year, his fitness website raked in $1 million and ran at a 60% margin, which was a good profit for him. It’s through this project that he learned all about internet marketing. He scaled and found partners, including people proficient in website design and copywriting.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Since he worked in the corporate sector, Steve Clayton had strong sales and marketing skills, which helped him get his products out there. But he was not a skilled web designer and could not do long-form copywriting. He focused on what he was good at but later partnered with people who filled the gaps.

Steve Clayton e-Commerce Training

Working with his business partner Aidan, Steve Clayton recently launched a new e-commerce training program. The program offers limited spots and covers different topics that students can use to take their marketing skills to the next level. In this program, they focus on the things that students previously struggled with, including:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon (having inventory)
  • International Suppliers
  • Niche and Market Research

They also designed the super successful Kibo Code Quantum program, which offers an alternative approach to other e-commerce strategies. The program helps students achieve results faster and is easy to understand if you’re looking to build the most profitable business models.


Steve Clayton has achieved a lot in his life. From internet marketing to his corporate career, he can look back and be proud of his achievements. Before he went into internet marketing, he was already earning a lot of money as a corporate company employee, so his story is not the typical rags to riches. 

Instead, he left his job to find more freedom and happiness and, in the process, built one of the most successful e-commerce businesses. You can learn from him through the different programs he offers to help upcoming entrepreneurs beat the market’s hurdles.

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