Who is Julian Sherman?

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Julian Sherman is a digital entrepreneur who co-founded The Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ, one of today’s fastest-growing online marketing education providers. It has trained thousands of online marketing students to become part of the industry. Julian believes that with the right mental attitude combined with the power of the internet today, financial freedom can be a reality for anyone. Passive income that allows you to quit your 9-5 full-time job is everybody’s dream.


At the age of 23 and a college dropout, he earned his first six figures through online marketing. This success prompted him to reach out to hundreds of students to follow in his footsteps by providing them the knowledge, experience, tools, and other resources that made him thrive in the digital marketing business.


His marketing strategies and philosophies are tested and proven. They have given him results – measured by the millions proving that his system works.

What is the Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ?


The founders of Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ are Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang. They were former members of AWOL Academy, another multi-level marketing company where they worked together. This is where they got inspired to start their own company. The company was established in May 2016 based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their goal was to provide an automated system that does all the work for its members. In a nutshell, their philosophy revolves around the idea that anyone – whether a beginner or an experienced online marketer – can make money using their system.


GAZ is an internet coaching platform built to support the average person to start earning plenty of money online to make a full-time income by using the training they offer. Global Affiliate Zone is also an affiliate marketing program designed to generate an income by marketing the system itself after you become a member.


Getting started in GAZ takes an investment with ads and it will give you access to training for the skills you need to begin making money online. There will be various tactics and techniques discussed traffic and lead generation. 


Most of the training revolves around the Facebook platform. You will learn how Julian and Mathieu made a 7 figure income through the Global Affiliate Zone and GAZ training program. Everything that you will need to know to run a business at any level will be provided.



The Products


Below are the inclusions of the Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) training course:


  • A “done for you” business model which will give you the ability to market GAZ
  • A library of step-by-step training videos
  • Facebook PPC instructional guide to generate traffic volume
  • A sales team to help you sell the program itself
  • Sales pages as well as sales videos
  • Weekly live training 
  • Access to GAZ Facebook private support group
  • A Personal training coach

How Does it Work?


The monthly subscription costs $99, which gives you access to the training programs and the right to earn commissions if you sold the training course to other potential users. There are several ways this system train you:


  • Expert training. This is exclusively reserved for GAZ members that will provide them quality training courses that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Online marketing. Practical training is provided that will give you the skills on how to generate traffic volume to your site.
  • Business coaching. Personalized professional coaching gives you advice and guidance on the whole process, including helping you create your plan of action.
  • Community interaction. They made a channel where a community of members can interact online for tips and advice. 


One of the benefits of the Global Affiliate Zone training program is that it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee just in case you find the system isn’t working for you.



How Are You Compensated with GAZ?


Based on the website, you get 30% out of your enrolled members fees on a continuous and residual monthly basis as long as they are active. Bi-monthly commissions will be paid to you, which translates to $29.70 for every $99 monthly membership sold. You can earn passive income by maintaining your membership and continuously recruiting new members.


However, the automation system that was promised by the owners is not discussed in detail, which claims that it will allow you to generate a stream of leads and income even without prior experience in the industry.



Is GAZ BBB-Accredited?


GAZ or Global Affiliate Zone is accredited by BBB or the Better Business Bureau. Below is some vital info that they provide regarding GAZ:


  • They received an A- rating.
  • Since May 11, 2018, they have been accredited.
  • They received only two negative reviews out of 49 reviews in the last three years.
  • Getting a refund was the main complaint, which was resolved.



Is Global Affiliate Zone a Legit Training Course?


In my opinion, absolutely yes, Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is not a scam.


However, another system namely MOBE that is similar to Global Affiliate Zone, was permanently shut down by the FTC due to some terrible advertising and illegal problems that were uncovered later. With that being said, these two companies are unique. I am unable to get access to any company books, so I’ll have to look at the information at face value.


Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ is a legit training course providing quality information that you can generate a good commission and residual income promoting. 



What Are My Final Thoughts on GAZ?


In this review, I have tackled what Global Affiliate does, the company info and values, its products and services, and the price for joining. I additionally covered whether it is a scam or not. This leads me to the questions, “Would I recommend Sherman and MAtheiu’s Global Affiliate Zone training program?” and “Is it worth it?”


As far as a legitimate online marketing education program is concerned, then it is a yes. It is a legit company that provides you an opportunity to make money and gives you the support you need along the way. 

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Low Investment, HIGH Returns

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