Who is Jon Butcher?

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Who is Jon Butcher?

Early Life

Christened as Jon A. Toombs, is the first son of John A. Toombs and Joan Butts. Around 1967, Butcher’s stepfather William Butcher relocated the family to Clear Airforce Base in Clear Alaska from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to search for job opportunities. 

 Jon’s family relocated back to Pennsylvania in 1967, where he, together with his younger brother, completed their high school education at a school known as Conestoga High School. From there, Jon went to Grahm Junior College located in Boston, Massachusetts, to pursue Broadcast, and it is then that his dream of becoming a professional musician started showing up.  


Many people have compared Jon Butcher to Jimi Hendrix, especially during the initial stages of his career. The comparisons were later triggered by Butcher’s appearance and stances associated with Hendrix, on stage, and his choice of Axis as his band, which was considered a reference to Hendrix’s album, Axis – Bold as Love.  

The most notable and memorable Butcher influences include John Lennon, Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, Phil Lynott, and Taj Mahal. He also thinks that the comparisons to Hendrix aren’t real, claiming that nothing regarding him has any connection with Jimi Hendrix since he is black and plays a Stratocaster.

Johanna Wild 

Between the mid and late 1970s, Jon Butcher and the Johanna Wild band based in Boston traveled to Northeast U.S. While there, the band attracted a massive crowd during its performance. Their initial success was attributed to their promotional activities, including self-marketing, self-promotion, and self-management. Jeff Linscott (on guitar), Troy Douglas Sutler III (bass), Derek Blevins (drums’), and Jon Butcher (on vocals and guitar) are considered the most triumphant Johanna Wild team. “Suzanne” is their most liked song after recording more regular airplay at many locally-based radio stations, including WBCN.

The Jon Butcher Axis

Jon Butcher’s increased media coverage by radio media and cable TV channels MTV came due to his tireless traveling and stable fan following from Johanna Wild, especially the WBCN radio station in Boston, MA. 

Due to the radio promotions by people like Mark Parenteau, Carter Alan, and Oedipus (WBCN personalities), Jon Butcher grew into an established musician in Boston. Towards the end of 1979, he came up with the Jon Butcher Axis alongside Chris Martin (bass), Sandy Higgins (guitarist), and Derek Blevins (formerly a member of Johanna Wild as a drummer).  

As at present, if anyone is enjoying one of the most successful life in the world, then Jon Butcher is just that person. He sold one of his glossiest penthouses situated in Chicago for $2.4 million. He is seen as a person owning an extremely stunning home – plus a tremendous Japanese patch – atop the Contemporaine near River North.

The Property 

Apart from the Chicago Penthouse, which he sold recently, Jon Butcher is in charge of two firms that deal with doe-eyed collectibles done by his father. The second one enables individuals to change their objectives and souvenirs into their personally inspiring leather-bound books.

According to a particular motivational speaker’s description of Butcher some years back, he leads the most comfortable life around the globe today. This is attributed to the utter fabulosity of his business-running, world-trotting, penthouse type of life.  

Butcher is Precious Moment head, Inc, built based on his father’s, Sam Butcher artwork. Precious Moments’ characters were first used on greeting cards around 1975 and later on included in the ever-popular collection of figurines. It has currently grown to become a multi-billion-dollar business, with its characters displayed on all things ranging from tombstones to ornaments. 


On his own, Jon Butcher operates Lifebook, a program that helps enshrine individual goals, images, and various motivational items in a memento book. Although the Headquarters of Precious Moments is located in Carthage, Missouri, Butcher’s past “most seamless” life revolved around the two penthouses. Thus, an estate (21 acres) with over-the-top gardens located in St. Charles has remained in their ownership since 2002 and the most lavish penthouse around River North in Chicago. 

Alongside Melissa, his wife, Butcher, acquired the River North following the sale of his Bloomingdale building a 63rd-floor condo for a whole $4.2 million in 2004. The condo included an indoor Japanese patch. According to an undisclosed source, Jon Butcher wanted his new home in the recently-completed Contemporaine to have an over-the-top Japanese patch. 

The dream came to pass. According to Hoichi Kurisu, a landscape designer operating in Portland, Oregon, the orchard looks gorgeous. It is even displayed on Kurisu’s website. It contains boulders, manicured trees, a waterfall, and exhibits an exceptional calmness at the top of the 14th floor. It matches the glossy glass and concrete artworks of the structure, done by Ralf Johnson, a renowned architect residing in Chicago as at present, with notable projects within and throughout the world associated with him. 

Concerning the anonymous motivational speaker mentioned above, Butcher’s family spends the better half of each year in a strange region, including Cairo or Bali. This may be used to elucidate why, for the last few years, two of their properties in Chicago have remained in high demand. For instance, in June 2011, the Contemporaine home was declared for sale with $ 3.4 million as the starting price. On the other hand, the property in St. Charles, which is yet to be sold, was declared for sale around May 2004 and had a $ 7.9 million price tag.

Following the Butchers’ failure to respond to calls requesting for comment on the same and the buyers’ identity not appearing in the public register, the sale was declared closed on the 10th of May. 

Price Points 

Around 2004, the Butchers remitted $1.5 million for their Contemporaine home together with its 3,000-sq-ft deck. The installation expenses of the Japanese orchard are unknown; hence, no way of estimating the profit, in case of any, they may have gained after nine years of stay in their new home. The listing representative on both St. Charles and River North assets, Debra Dobbs, asserted that she had no clue regarding the landscaping costs.

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