Who is Grant Wise?

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Who is Grant Wise?

Grant Wise is an entrepreneur who founded the Real Estate Marketing University and Witly. Real Estate Marketing University is an online training platform to help agents market their real estate on social media. Witly, on the other hand, is a client-generating software that allows real estate agents, brokerage owners, and team leaders to convert more leads by running Facebook Ads. At age 21, Grant started in the construction industry and worked from a brokerage business to building a multi-million online training company. Keeping his focus is central to his success, which he tries to instill in his students.


After leaving the brokerage business that he started, he spent two years teaching small businesses how to grow their companies through social media. It didn’t develop into anything until he met Tanya, a friend who gave him $1,000 to launch a boot camp program on social media and used it to grow her real estate business. She sold 48 homes the next year.


In 2015, the program became a fully developed online training course. Grant and his team created training modules that have helped generate billions in real estate. They have also taught and guided countless agents on how to grow their brand and attract customers. Indeed, if these agents understand what these systems can do, they can produce predictable income. 


It was relatively easy to generate leads in the past because there were fewer restrictions, so to get ahead in the competition, Grant invested in testing systems to find out which worked.


In this post, I will discuss how Facebook marketing impacts and influences the real estate industry based on Grant Wise’s proven systems. 

Is Predictable Income Possible via Facebook Marketing?


Grant answers this with a resounding yes! I will tackle three crucial steps in producing a client-generating system which, according to Grant, allows you to have a predictable income:


  1. Aim for cold prospects on Facebook or potential customers who are not yet aware of your brand. Use a CRM tool to streamline communication and other processes. 


  1. Develop your brand. Build trust with your customers. Otherwise, you will lose them and never make it anywhere in the business. Your customers need to see you when they are logged on the internet. You can use video remarketing campaigns to do this.


  1. Create a systematic sales process. The goal here is to convert about 3-5 % of your leads. By having a sales process in place, you increase your chances of closing sales. A sales process serves as a road map for salespeople. Typically, it includes prospecting, preparation, approach, presentation, handling objections, closing, and follow-up.  


If you can do these three steps, you get to see your cost per closing, which is a representation of the actual people who purchased your services. Restructure your system to concentrate on your cost per closing, and this will enable predictability in the income you generate.

Nurturing Leads to Increase Chances of Closing Sales


Communication varies depending on who your ideal customer is. This is the reason why you must get an understanding of your ideal customer. Some would like calling, texting, video, or meeting you in person. The best is to do some research to learn how they communicate or correspond. In the way they respond to you, you will be able to identify the manner of communication they prefer.

Types of Ads that Generate Leads in Real Estate Marketing


First, let us understand what a salesperson goes through when dealing with prospective customers. Below are the three consumer mindsets that they go through:


  1. Stage 1: Unaware. During this stage, the salesperson is unaware of the consumer’s need for the real estate process. That is why they spend a lot of time promoting at this stage.
  2. Stage 2: Home Aware.  With Facebook, you can strategize on targeting those who are interested in real estate. In stage 2, consumers are now aware of their need for the real estate process. They would want properties to check out; hence, you have to market just sold ads, property ads, and listings.
  3. Stage 3: Home + You Aware. In this stage, consumers are given the list and the lead magnet. The retargeting method starts in this phase. Put your face to face meeting messaging in a video clip, and when this happens, the people you are talking to become more eligible. 


You need to create four types of video ads:


  1. About Me Ad. The About Me is a video ad explaining why you are selling real estate. Make sure that you can connect with your audience within the 60-second timeframe. Don’t bore them. Be creative but also be on point.


  1. Educational Ads. Create video ads to educate your audience. In this way, you become an authority in the subject. This builds your credibility, and in turn, you are also building their trust in you.


  1. Testimonial Ads. One effective and sure way to market your brand is for a satisfied customer to validate your claims about your business. Have someone give a testimonial.


  1. Community Content Ads. When you know precisely who your customer is, you know what content to develop. For example, check out a local business that your ideal customer would go to and make a 3-5 minute video about that business. In this way, you will create a relationship with that local business who regularly interacts with your ideal customer. In turn, the owner of the business will reach out to you for potential business opportunities.



Facebook Targeting for Real Estate Agents


Facebook targeting in the past was so effective that the HUD or the Housing and Urban Development claimed that agents were discriminatory by not including all markets. This stopped agents from running ads on Facebook. The good thing was, Facebook gave these agents a 9-month notice before they implemented the changes. This window allowed Grant Wise to test how these changes affected the clients. In so doing, he found out that it all boiled down to how much real estate agents were educated in Facebook marketing.


Today, Grant Wise’s clients are getting 1-5 leads. According to him, the key is to promote to prospective customers as soon they turn into leads. If you can be visible in someone’s Facebook feed immediately and offer them value, you increase your chances of closing more sales. This builds up your cost per closing massively.

Grant Wise’s Success-Driven Routines


In one of Grant’s interviews, he mentioned two important things that are part of his everyday routine, solidifying him in the business: gratitude and prayer. Grant wakes up at 4:30 every morning and starts the day by being grateful and spending time in prayer. Because he gets up very early, he has about 4-5 hours to spend on himself – to journal, take a shower or go to the gym. These things have made him productive in the business. 

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