Who is Cody Sperber?

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” – Unknown
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Known as the The Clever Investor in the industry, Cody Sperber is among the highly regarded top educators and real estate investors in the U.S. He is recognized as a creative strategist and innovator in lead generation. 

Cody was a Navy veteran before he ventured into the real estate business. He started with zero money, trying to flip properties in his then-girlfriend’s apartment. Cody almost gave up perhaps a half dozen times and struggled like everyone else. He finally figured out how to grow and profit after several years of trial and error and more than a handful of mistakes and slip-ups.


At present, Cody has flipped more than a 1,000 properties worth about $200 million at a monthly pace of 7-15 deals in real estate. He handles all kinds of real estate transactions such as short sales, wholesale deals, lease options, multi-unit, and his very own investing strategy called the Reverse Short Sale. 


Today, Cody lives with his wife and two children in Phoenix, Arizona.


Cody’s Early Life Before Real Estate


Cody wanted to be a 9th-grade History teacher initially. But when he realized how much 9th-grade teachers make, he decided to join the United States Navy instead. During his time in the Navy, Cody learned the value of leadership, integrity, loyalty, commitment, and honor. He was given the Navy Achievement Medal award for his leadership and team-building skills before he got discharged from service. Cody has a degree in Finance and graduated Magna Cum Laude at Arizona State University (ASU).


Introduction to Real Estate Investing Business


While a student at Arizona State University, Cody met a friend who flipped a house and earned over $80,000. He saw an opportunity in this and immediately followed suit. He began to research, explore, and study how to be a successful real estate investor and focused on it full time. However, after a year of trying, things started to go south. This passion ignited in Cody came to a halt, and he took a bookkeeping job for a local developer.


An Unexpected Turning Point 


Cody worked as a bookkeeper for over 12 months but always found it unfulfilling. During this time, he met Zack who invited him to an event hosted by a veteran real estate investor, Jack Miller. Cody initially refused because the countless seminars and courses he took in the past year didn’t get him anywhere. Fortunately, Zack persisted until he finally agreed to go. Fearful of being trapped in the “rat race,” Cody gave it a shot. This turned out to be an unexpected turning point and the best decision he made in his entire career. The event made him decide 100% to jump back to the real estate business after experiencing a genuine encounter with the real experts who have generated considerable profits from the business. 


There is No Turning Back


During the event, Cody found his first mentor, Lyle. Lyle taught him how to restructure his business by incorporating the right systems and technology and how to generate leads. As the leads started to come in, Lyle trained him in “transactional engineering” and mastered negotiating quickly. After only three months, Cody earned enough money to quit his job and concentrated full time on real estate.


He flipped more than 50 houses the next year. He specialized in wholesaling real estate and, in no time, built one of the biggest cash buyers lists in Arizona. His websites even ranked #1 on Google. To this day, Lyle remains Cody’s mentor and is exceedingly full of pride for what Cody has accomplished and for paying it forward by teaching others how to do the same.


Economy-Proof Method and System


Since then, Cody’s real estate business has steadily escalated. His real estate business has gone up non stop even though the economy would fluctuate. His ability to recognize current trends and be flexible to adapt to change and strategize accordingly is what sets Cody apart from his competitors. He was relentless in his pursuit to “crack the code” and was not afraid to innovate ways to improve systems and methods. Today, Cody has figured out the formula for generating massive income in real estate investing regardless of the economic situation. 


Undoubtedly, there is potential wealth in real estate – that is, if you know what to do. With Cody’s hands-on experience, he is more than qualified to teach others how to build a real estate business the way he successfully did, no matter how the economy performs. Now that sounds too good to be true. Well, it is, but it works!


Paying it Forward via Qualified Mentorship


At a monthly pace of 7-15 deals, Cody has made more than 1,000 deals in real estate investing worth over $200 million and continues to close huge deals up to this day. This success rekindled Cody’s desire to empower other aspiring real estate investors to have the same success. He decided to teach others how to generate wealth by following the proven methods and strategies he applied in his career. He has carefully identified the real estate investing strategies that have produced massive profits for him and the proven business systems that catapulted him to success.


At present, Cody has helped thousands of students to be profitable in the business. Success is within reach and has become easier with Cody’s training platform. He believes that his methods are not “get rich quick schemes” that other educational platforms and coaching programs promise. And his students’ testimonials will validate this claim. A thriving real estate investing business like Cody’s must have systems that have demonstrated substantial results to serve as a blueprint for other aspiring real estate investors to follow.


Unlike others in the business who are teaching real estate investing, Cody remains an active and successful investor who buys, rents, and sells properties. He has earned authority in the subject because of his hands on experience in the past and present. “You cannot teach what you don’t know” seems very fitting to portray this.

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