Who is AJ Jomah?

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Who is AJ Jomah?

After spending most of his career time operating with franchises where he began by obtaining his CiCis Pizza franchise property located in Houston, AJ grew into a multi-Unit dealer. After disposing of his eateries, he started gaining experience as a franchisor.

Stepping in as Franchise Development VP, AJ acquired a brand with two locations and multiplied them to obtain twenty-five open locations with the hope of adding a hundred more to the contracts. AJ has sought some suggestions concerning some of the most established brands in the franchise industry, ranging from restaurants to automotive repair workshops. At Franchise Development, he operated as an “outsourced” VP.

As of present, AJ is at Performance Marketer (a section of Dropshiplifestyle.com), where he serves as the Chief Business Development Officer. While at Dropshiplifestyle.com and performance Marketer, he has assisted more than 5,500 scholars in successfully joining the online digital business fraternity. Through live and online educational training, students can develop the core ability to establish successful e-commerce businesses. Through Performance Marketer, success is apparent.

Services offered at Performance Marketer 

  • How-to learning in e-commerce
  • Online educational courses for establishing online businesses
  • Dropshipping of e-commerce systems and methods
  • B2B client digital marketing services


AJ Jomah is the founder of Smarterwayonline Company, where he served as a self-employee since 2017. He worked in the same capacity for three years and eight months. AJ Jomah resides in Austin, Texas.

Smarterwayonline – What does entail?

Smarterwayonline is a platform where interested entrepreneurs have the opportunity to venture into the online e-Commerce business. The platform has more than 4,000 followers in thirty countries and many successful accounts attributing to the flagship training offered at the Elite Drop Ship Academy. The company has developed to become a leading e-Commerce training facility in the region.

Franchise Development 

At Franchise Development, AJ was the company’s Growth Strategist-cum-Managing Partner. He worked here from January 2013 to April 2017. AJ has served in the company for four years and four months. During his tenure, he:

  • Offered full development and management support to clients at the company
  • Provided support to Area Developers, Franchisors, and Multi-Unit Franchisees to enable them to establish high-performing franchises and make a profit.
  • Ensured and enhanced turnaround for Franchise Restaurant right from planning to implementation
  • Evaluated operations and gave recommendations
  • Offered training to Sales Managers at Franchise during the recruiting practice and ensured a constant increase in the lead and conversion process.
  • Defined and supervised lead generation strategies as well as sales processes.
  • Collaborated with Regional Developers to understand growth strategy and executed both operative and sales processes
  • Created, oversaw, and managed the Franchise unit P&L
  • Trained and counseled direct reports for accomplishment by operators, owners, and stakeholders
  • During his tenure at Franchise Development, he made an additional franchise rate of $2 million in the contractors’ best interest.
  • In 2015, he launched the Door Knocking Movement for Franchise Business Consultants, leading to a 100 percent increase in Independent unit conversions for national franchise products with more than 2000 regions worldwide.
  • Offered oversight to Site Selection and Real Estate construction to upcoming franchisors and flawlessly initiated a straightforward process to enable an effectively flowing process to establish new stores; hence, reducing the pipeline jam.

The Franchise Development Vice President 

As the vice president of Franchise Development, AJ worked for 1 and 5 months between Sep 2012 and Jan 2014. His main contributions included the following:

  • He enhanced the franchise development efficiency, economics, and quality
  • He was mandated to organize and execute franchises’ recruitment processes such as application, redevelopment, credit addition, and background analyses for all recruits and the inclusion of profile/assessment tests.
  • He designed, executed, and oversaw the annual budget of the company to ensure it met its goals.
  • He provided oversight on real estate site selection and construction
  • He provided an update, conducted the paralegal’s FDD maintenance appointment process, and worked alongside the internal legal counsel.
  • He supervised the transition of single to multi-unit franchise operators by opening three units of mini-stores
  • He streamlined the Site selection and Construction process through his stringent basic guidelines for construction, pre-approval of local architects, and streamlined and kept the equipment list.
  • He recruited and trained the franchise development staff, leading to an increment in the new deposits and applications by 150 percent.
  • He adopted and incorporated sales force as required by CRM, thus, allowing for a speedy flow of the lead process.

Multi-Unit Restaurant Operator

While at CiCis Pizza Franchise, where he worked from June 2006 to August 2012, AJ’s contribution for six years and three months was evident. He obtained a considerable franchise site in Texas, with over $ 1.5 million revenue per year. His primary duties involved establishing and training management and staff members, increasing sales and revenue via outbound cuisine sales, and enhancing client satisfaction, sanitation, and food quality.


AJ’s achievements while serving as an operator at Multi-Unit restaurant were:

  • He successfully coordinated and hosted his first citywide conference that brought together all franchisees within the industry, who resolved to work for a common goal – increasing sales, discuss and find solutions to their common issues.
  • He purchased two more sites in 24 months and expanded them to three units with additional $3.5 million sales.
  • He steered the growth of Houston Market sales for the year 2009, thereby obtaining less than $1.7 million of sales in one location.
  • He led, trained, and developed a team of 75 workers, including three General and 14 Assistant Directors.
  • He Trained and developed the management staff, nurtured an individual success-oriented culture with much emphasis on teamwork.
  • He developed and upheld high-performing employees and managers and facilitated comprehensive training programs.


AJ Jomah went to the University of Houston between 2001 and 2005, where he graduated with a BBA (Bachelor of Business). At college, he studied General Finance and obtained a 3.7 Grade.

The Takeaway

AJ Jomah has a lot to his credit, and according to what we can read about him, no man is limited. He has initiated various online courses, including the 7-Figure Skills training focuses on the High-Ticket Team. He is listed among the most revered personalities when it comes to technology.

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