The Arbor Academy Reviews: Can You Still Make Money With GMBs?

Welcome to my The Arbor Academy Review. My goal is to help you understand what the program is all about, how much it costs, if it's a good use of your time, your money, and much more! It should be less than 10 minutes start to finish, so let's dive in!


This The Arbor Academy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Firstly, Why Am I Writing The Review?

Nice to meet you, my name is Brittney!

My story starts like many do… “slaving away” at a 9-5 job that I didn’t really enjoy, but hey – it paid the bills.

I worked for a large Fortune 500 company that performed background checks for other companies when they wanted to hire a new employee… so you know, not exactly exciting stuff.

For a lot of people, a nice stable job and predictable check coming in every month is the picture of success, but for me, it felt like I was missing out on life.

Clocking in every single day, doing the same tasks over and over again, getting home with barely enough time to make dinner and enjoy some time to myself… only to wake up again the next morning and do it all over again.

I just wanted to enjoy life without being shackled to an unfilling job.

I wanted to be able to take vacations whenever I wanted, for however long I wanted.

I didn’t want to have to beg my boss for a salary increase that barely matched inflation.

I just wanted to be free and happy.

Then about 4 years ago (as a stroke of luck), I stumbled across a program that taught me how to make money online by actually helping real people (local US businesses).

Who Cares About That?

99% of reviewers out there don’t have experience running an actual business. They’re writing about stuff that they have no real experience with.

Why would they do that?

They just want you to click through and buy the program that the review is about!

I have absolutely no relationship with J Rich, so you can rest easy knowing that I’m going to give you my honest opinion.

This review is written based on my own experiences with this business model.

All that being said, let’s jump into things.


The Arbor Academy: Introduction

Arbor Academy teaches how to find customers. It’s pretty good, but it’s not our top pick. We like Digital Leasing more.

Doing things right or wrong matters in finding customers.

The wrong way?

Chasing people and using old or bad ads to get leads who never buy. That means a lot of hard work, selling, and trying different ads. It’s like making a job for yourself.

But the right way?

Building things you own that bring good customers to you. You can then sell these to others for a fee.

GG Money’s recommended program teaches you how to make money every month, without working all the time. You can make from a few thousand to over $10,000.

You can build this money-maker in your free time and make it as big or small as you want, without having to work hard every day.

If you’d like that, take a look at Digital Leasing.

What Is The Arbor Academy?

What Is The Arbor Academy

The Arbor Academy by Chad Kimball is a local lead generation business course where he teaches how to get local business owners listed in Google Maps.

The Google maps business model is a great way for small businesses to get online exposure and drive more traffic to their website.

The Arbor Academy: Overview Of The Google Maps Advertising Platform

Google Maps Elite is a special course made by Chad Kimball. It’s only for students at The Arbor Academy. They give you tools to help you learn, like help from tech experts, online chat rooms, and coaching.

If you want to make your online business bigger, using Google Maps for advertising is a real way to do it. It’s not fake or a trick; it’s something you can really use to help you succeed!

Chad Kimball claims to have the expertise and skill to help you succeed in your internet marketing business.

Parent Company: Arbor Group Associates, Inc

Company Brand: The Arbor Academy

Alternate Known Names: Arbor Academy, Chaddo

Domain Name:

Domain Age: July 15, 2008

Hosting Registrar: IONOS by 1&1

Year Launched: 2018

Domain Authority: 2/ 100

Linking Root Domains: 51

Ranking Keywords: 6

Spam Score: 9%

Website Asset Value: $34,798

Address/Headquarters: 4642 S Bishop Street. Suite 9585, Chicago, Illinois, 60609

Founder: Chad Kimball

Services Offered:

  • Weekly & Scheduled Group Coaching Calls
  • Software Tools
  • Step-By-Step Training Course With 74 Videos
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Archives Of 139+ Hours Of Previously Recorded Calls
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Complete Outsourcing Department
  • Customer Call Software
  • Automated Prospecting System
  • Lead Value & Rate Calculator
  • Pay-Per-Call Income Goal Calculator

Community Size: 1,500+

Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)


  • One-time payment of $997.00
  • Two-time payments of $579.00
  • Six monthly payments of $199.00

Affiliate Program: None

Upsells: None


  • Email:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 773-336-2225
  • Phone: 773-336-7388

The Arbor Academy Review: How Does The Arbor Academy Work?

How can you make money with Arbor Academy?

This course will show you how to get space on Google Maps at the top of search results and contact local businesses to rent them to.

So think of it this way…

You’ll help small local shops get noticed online, and they’ll pay you for helping them with their advertising. It’s like helping your neighborhood stores get more customers, and you earn money for it!

To illustrate, here’s an example in nine easy steps:

1) Using the provided e-tool, you enter a search term. ‘Electrician,’ for example and a specific area. You’d see that monthly searches are there, indicating that people are looking for electrician local businesses in the area.

the arbor academy reviews

2) You return to Google and do another search to check the top results. You can find local business listings nearby that are related to “electricians.”  And that’s about it!   You now look for unlisted local electrician businesses and convince them to pay for your services.

3) Don’t be tricked by the many electrician companies near the area because the actual owners did not really produce all of them. So, using The Arbor Academy platform, you will be taught how to create a company listing for a local business that isn’t already in Google’s top room.

4) You build a website from the scratch that is exclusive to the company for which you are searching for leads. If you have committed to a set rate of payment, you can collect a commission for every purchase made.

5) You can take the role of a middleman. Local companies in any jurisdiction that are not at the top of Google search maps can be contacted by you and the digital agency. You can negotiate the residual fixed payment with the local business after explaining how you can draw customers to their firm, which is all included in the planning.

6) If you are prepared to put in the works, you can be a traffic enabler to a lot of unlisted local businesses in various places across the world.

7) The benefit of this strategy is that you can laser target a large number of keywords in different business categories apart from the the keyword, “Electrician.” Have a look at the terms “plumbers,” “roofers,” “scaffolders,” “auto rentals,” and “attorneys.” A lot of businesses that are exclusive to these search terms can be found in many places all over the world that are not active online.

8) Search for unlisted local businesses. If you want to be an online Search Engine Results Page (SERP) marketer, you can reach out to these unlisted local businesses and settle on a fee for your services. You will learn ways to direct buying customers to the product or service they are searching for.

9) It’s quite easy to realize how this business model can take off. Keep on looking for local businesses who require to have an online presence to boost their sales. By being a middleman to the consumers and the services they need, you are doing them a great favor!

Chad Kimball: The Man Behind The Arbor Academy

Chad Kimball and daughter

Chad Kimball used to work a regular job, but he had to quit in 1999 because the place he worked at was going down hill in a hurry.

After leaving his job, Chad started working for himself and making money online. He found his own customers and figured out the best ways to do business on the internet. It’s like he became his own boss!

Starting in 2011, Chad began to grow his online marketing business. He’s been helping small businesses that really need more customers. Imagine having a little store and someone like Chad comes along to help you get more people to come in and buy from you! That’s exactly what Chad teaches people to do.

Kimball claims that he received over $2 million from 2018 until 2020 primarily by using the Google Maps Advertising business model that he created and designed for The Arbor Academy.

Chad has a thorough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is widely recognized as an expert in the field.

Chad’s daughter, Bethany-Anne, also uses tried-and-true online money-making strategies that her father has been perfecting for many years.

Chad Kimball

Chad Kimball is the man behind The Arbor Academy platform.

What’s Inside The Arbor Academy

No doubt about it, this course, called Google Maps Elite, is packed with important things to know about how the Google Maps App works for businesses. It comes with a bunch of online video lessons.

One big part of the course is something called citations. That’s where they really pay a lot of attention. In short, if Google Maps is something you’re curious about, then this might just be what you need.

The following are the titles of the video links in the members area:

The Arbor Academy Whats Included
  • Intro and Overview
  • White Hat Techniques
  • The Google Local Ranking Algorithm
  • Website Authority and The Local Algorithm
  • Creating Content
  • Backlinking Resources
  • Local Keyword Research
  • Category Keywords
  • Why Keywords Do or Do Not Return Local Results
  • Questions?
  • Problems? Try Phone Support!
  • Local Knowledge Panel Changes
  • Google’s Local Pack
  • Local Prospecting With Mechanical Turk
  • Ranking Outside Your Locale
  • Keep Multiple Locations Safe
  • Pidgeon Update
  • Google My Business Guidelines
  • Create and Optimize Your GMB
  • How To Set Up a My Business Page
  • Local VS Brand Pages
  • Basic Places Page Optimization
  • The Importance of Reviews
  • White Hat Reviews
  • Make Starts Appear In Google
  • GMB Posts
  • Listing Attributes
  • Changing Bad Review Snippets
  • Show Social Media Icons
  • Reinstating a Disabled Local Listing
  • Add Local Structured Data to your Website
  • Google Trusted Photographer
  • Courting Authority Reviewers
  • Citations
  • Citations: What, Why, & How
  • White Hat Backlinks
  • Listings On Local Websites
  • Facebook Pages
  • Imitate Competitor Citations
  • Citations Using Image Sharing Websites
  • Wikipedia Citations
  • Using Your Building/Office/Home to Get Additional Citations
  • Sponsorship and Testimonial Citations
  • Citations Using Knowne
  • Whitespark and Get Listed Citation Tools
  • Fixing Citations After An Address Change
  • Local Guides Program
  • Local Guides Opportunity
  • Secret Local Guides Levels
  • Major Local Guides Points Update
  • How to Moderate Your Own Maps Edits Through Local Guides
  • Choosing Addresses
  • Obtaining Phone Numbers
  • Setting Up Your Listings
  • Press Releases
  • Intro & Overall Strategies
  • Yelp Ranking Algorithm
  • Scrape Box
  • Selling Leads
  • Did I Get Slapped?
  • Important Info: Google and Service Area Businesses/ LeadGen
  • Hostnine Reseller Hosting
  • Optimize For Local Keywords
  • Direct Mail Prospecting Method
  • Software

How Much Does Arbor Academy Cost

Since this is a costly program, make sure you’re all in before scheduling your breakthrough call.

If you are outside of the United States or Canada, you can use Skype or Zoom to make your breakout coaching call.

For a one-time charge, you get unlimited and lifetime access to the Arbor Academy program.

The Arbor Academy How Much It Costs

You should expect to pay about $1,000 for unrestricted access to The Arbor Academy’s resources.

yes, that’s a lot of money. However, you should be able to discuss a lower fee for your breakthrough agent.

One tip I can give you is to search in Google the titles of the lessons I’ve listed earlier and check if you can get sufficient information about each one. In this way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

The Arbor Academy Pros and Cons


  • You can make money by renting out top spots on Google Maps to lots of small local businesses. It’s like giving them a special place to advertise on the internet.
  • These small businesses are renting this online space from you, so it’s like you own pieces of virtual land.
  • You get to let a local company take care of making sure the ads are good.
  • Every month, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how well you do. Not bad, huh?
  • And the best part? You don’t even have to meet with the people you’re working with face to face!


  • But it’s not all fun and games. To make your business work, you’ll need some money to start with.
  • Also, because this way of making money can be really profitable, the guy who teaches it, Chad Kimball, charges a lot for his lessons.
  • Oh, and one more thing: There’s no chance to try out the course before you have to join. So you’ve got to be pretty sure it’s what you want to do.

The Arbor Academy Review: Summary

If you want to join, you’ve got to be 18 or older.

Getting your first customer? That usually takes 3 to 7 weeks.

If you go to The Arbor Academy, you might already have some clients. If that’s you, listen up! Growing your digital agency into something that makes money takes a lot of hard work and never giving up.

How much can you make? About $750 a month from an average customer. But remember, that’s not a promise or something that’s for sure. It might be different for you.

It’s not a good idea to get involved with The Arbor Academy if you’re either broke or unemployed.

If you are jobless, short of funds, or looking for a viable opportunity, please listen to what we have to say.

Growing A Google Maps Agency Would Almost Certainly Provide You With Numerous Obstacles That Were Not Stated Before Purchasing The Arbor Academy Program. Try To Get Involved In An Affordable & Simple Business Model With The Power of Residual Income and Unlimited Commissions. The trial period is usually included, Unlike The Arbor Academy .

Is The Arbor Academy A Scam?

scam or legit ggmoney

So, is Arbor Academy a scam? Not technically. It’s a perfectly respectable lead generation program.

It’s just not our #1 choice.

Because Digital Leasing has taken the lead generation model and put it on steroids. It innovates on every part of the business model and makes it so accessible that pretty much anyone can succeed at it.

What if you could put in a couple hours a day (in your spare time) to build a single digital asset, and your reward was a $500 to $2,000 payment that came in every single month?

And what if you could get started today and have your first payment in a week?

And what if you could double it next week?

Well, that’s the power of Digital Leasing

You can legitimately do this from anywhere. It’s a true lifestyle business.

Your laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

Some of the most successful students in this program run their entire 6-figure businesses from:

  • A camper in the middle of the woods
  • A beach chair on the water in Mexico
  • A small villa in Greece

They’re able to travel around, living their lives first, and focusing on their income second.

Because even if they stop working for an extended period of time, the money keeps coming in.

So adventure, memories, and experience are the top priority.

And they never have to worry about how to pay for the next trip, or consider asking for time off.

If this sounds more like the type of life you want to lead, just click here to find out more about Digital Leasing.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money In 2024?

Digital Leasing

Digital Leasing is more than just a business idea; it’s a way of making money that can fit into anyone’s life. Let’s jump into some of the most exciting aspects that make it such a great option:

1) It’s Flexible: No matter how much time you have, whether it’s an hour a day or you’re ready to dive in full time, Digital Leasing can work for you. The more effort you put in, the quicker you’ll see results, but even a little time each day can make a difference.

Just imagine, this flexibility means that you’re not constantly working to earn money. It’s what’s known as PASSIVE INCOME. If you decide to take a break, the money keeps coming in.

Think about what this freedom could mean for you. Maybe you’d like to travel around Europe for three months, rent a cabin in the woods to write a novel, hike the Appalachian Trail, or live on the beach and surf all day. With Digital Leasing, you can because your income isn’t tied to your time.

2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: This is your business, and that means you’re in charge. Unlike other ways to find customers, Digital Leasing gives you complete ownership of everything. You have all the power and control, making decisions that suit you best.

3) Little to No Startup Costs: Starting something new can often be expensive, but with Digital Leasing, it doesn’t have to be. Using smart strategies, it’s even possible to get started without spending any of your own money. You can have clients pay you upfront before you spend a penny.

And if that doesn’t happen, don’t worry. You can still get your first Digital Rental Property up and running for less than $100. That’s a small investment for a big return.

4) Easy to Duplicate: Once you’ve started, growing your business is a breeze. With a few clicks and maybe a phone call, you can DOUBLE your income once your first Digital Rental Property is up and running.

Each of these properties can make you $500 to $2,000 a month with little work (over 95% profit!). The more you create, the easier it gets. Your knowledge grows, your experience builds, and your results improve.

5) Make Money Helping Real People: This isn’t just about money; it’s about making a difference. With Digital Leasing, you help small local businesses by bringing them customers.
This isn’t money for a big company; it’s for a small business owner who’s using that cash to feed their family, send their kids to college, or take care of a sick relative.

When you realize that your work has such a powerful impact on people’s lives, you’ll go to bed with a smile on your face, knowing you’re making a difference.

So what’s next?

You could keep browsing, looking at options like Arbor Academy that might make you money someday. You could keep researching, never making up your mind.

Or, you could jump in, think about what you really want, and make your dreams come true with Digital Leasing. Join a community of over 2,000 successful students living life on their terms.

Imagine a reliable income that doesn’t need you to keep working all the time. An income that’s all about helping real, grateful people.

If this sounds like what you want (or if you just want to make some extra money), then don’t wait.

Learn more about Digital Leasing and start living life the way you want to. It’s more than a business; it’s a chance to make your life everything you’ve dreamed of.

Brittney Here!

I get to travel the world and live life without financial worry thanks to the system below!