Maps Liftoff Review: Easy Way To $10K?

By: Brittney

Welcome to my Maps Liftoff Review review. My goal is to help you understand what the program is all about, how much it costs, if it’s a good use of your time, your money, and much more! It should be less than 10 minutes start to finish, so let’s dive in!
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This Maps Liftoff Review review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Firstly, Why Am I Writing This Review?

Nice to meet you, my name is Brittney!

My story starts  like many do… “slaving away” at a 9-5 job that I didn’t really enjoy, but hey – it paid the bills.

I worked for a large Fortune 500 company that performed background checks for other companies when they wanted to hire a new employee… so you know, not exactly exciting stuff.

For a lot of people, a nice stable job and predictable check coming in every month is the picture of success, but for me, it felt like I was missing out on life.

Clocking in every single day, doing the same tasks over and over again, getting home with barely enough time to make dinner and enjoy some time to myself… only to wake up again the next morning and do it all over again.

I just wanted to enjoy life without being shackled to an unfilling job. 

I wanted to be able to take vacations whenever I wanted, for however long I wanted.

I didn’t want to have to beg my boss for a salary increase that barely matched inflation.

I just wanted to be free and happy.

Then about 4 years ago (as a stroke of luck), I stumbled across a program that taught me how to make money online by actually helping real people (local US businesses).

my concrete site

The image above shows an example. This mini website brings me in around $1,250 every single month, and I haven’t touched it in over 2 years.

That’s $15,000 per year in my pocket without having to really do anything.

Just helping small mom-and-pop shops keep their lights on and grow.

So it makes sense why local lead generation is my top online business for passive income. If you’re curious how that business model works, you can read more here.

NOTE: I DO NOT WORK WITH Maps Liftoff Review

Who Cares About That?

99% of reviewers out there don’t have experience running an actual business. They’re writing about stuff that they have no real experience with.

Why would they do that?

They just want you to click through and buy the  program that the review is about!

I have absolutely no relationship with Maps Liftoff Review, so you can rest easy knowing that I’m going to give you my honest opinion.

This review is written based on my own experiences with this business model.

All that being said, let’s jump into things.

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It’s another of those online money-making courses that focus on GMBs. Brian Willie is the promoter. Simply put, it’s a how-to course.

It demonstrates how to locate clients and how to conduct business with them…

However, you must perform all of the searching and closing on your own.

You may even need to advertise this on various platforms to generate interest…


Ironically, one of the primary selling points of Maps LiftOff is that managing GMBs is a highly sought-after skill.

Not only that, but this type, of course, gives people hope that they can earn money online. And, while I must be candid in this review…

Maps Lift Off does contain some useful information on how to earn money online and collect some massive checks.

I’m going to review Maps Lift Off to decide if it really is the best digital marketing course out there.

I’ll talk about whether setting GMB’s up is the right online business model for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Maps Lift Off and GMB’s in general.

And most importantly, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off GMB’s for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

But more on that later.

For now let’s hop into all things Maps Lift Off!

Maps LiftOff Summary

brian willie


Product: Maps LiftOff Agency Black

Owner: Brian Willie


Maps LiftOff Agency Black is an online training platform designed for those interested in achieving the highest possible ranking in the Map Pack.

Below is what to expect during the course:

Maps Lift Off Takeaways

The 3 strategies that you must unlock and apply

Techniques and tactics for achieving a higher ranking

Complete guide containing all necessary information regarding the most recent Map Pack Training Case Studies of Brian. Willie’s students are utilizing his system to generate revenue for their clients.

In sum, Brian’s GMB training course provides invaluable knowledge and information.

As a limited-time offer, he provides you with two 30-minute Skype consultations with him.

This is an excellent component of the training because any private consultation with a subject matter expert is beneficial.

If you can take advantage of Brian’s private sessions, try to prepare some questions in advance or have them recorded for future reference.

Apart from the private sessions, the program includes several bonuses. They are as follows:

Black Training Bonus for Maps LiftOff Agency

Bonus No. 1 – Geo Location On Site Domination Training

Bonus No. 2 – Secret Maps Keywords Multiplier

Bonus No. 3 – On-Site Support Page Super Structure

Bonus No. 4 – Complete Website Setup

Bonus No. 5 – The Complete Possum Unfiltering Strategy

Bonus No. 6 – 3 Pronged Network Set Up

Bonus No. 7 – High Converting Maps Service Sales Page

One of the critical marketing tools in digital marketing is the ability to rank in Maps Pack.

Because not all digital marketers possess these abilities, acquiring them could put you ahead of your competitors.

Brian’s training platform is straightforward and straightforward, and the course outline is truly a treasure trove of knowledge.

The Maps LiftOff training may be what you need to expand your business’s lead pipeline.

However, Maps Lift Off focuses exclusively on optimizing your Google My Business listing and excludes all other facets of local SEO.

Bear in mind that optimizing your GMB is only one of the many equally critical aspects of SEO that you should be aware of.

As a result, you may find that section of this course lacking.

If you want access to a local SEO training course that is much more comprehensive, you should check out my #1 recommendation!

brian willie seo

What Is Maps LiftOff?

Maps LiftOff is a comprehensive and well-designed online training platform for optimizing your Google My Business profile in order to achieve the top rankings in the Google Maps 3 Pack.

Brian Willie coaches and trains you on how to optimize your search rankings so that your site appears on the first-page results pages (SERPs). Additionally, you will gain knowledge of critical marketing skills necessary for local businesses to thrive.

The entire training outline includes an up-to-date and comprehensive Map Pack Training guide, tried-and-true strategies and techniques for quickly ranking, and several successful case studies of course participants.

As you may already know, increasing your business’s profit margins requires SEO. The issue is that Google’s constantly changing algorithm complicates matters. SEO alone is insufficient for ranking.

Brian Willie utilizes the GMB to rank your website. Without your business being visible on the map, you’ve already lost half the battle.

Brian is convinced that his method will rank your listing higher in a generic search result and direct a potential client to your location.

Brian’s method, which he teaches in his training, is an excellent place to start if you want to beat your local competitors and generate leads.

Who Is Brian Willie?

brian willie

Brian Willie has been an SEO specialist for over 13 years, and his expertise has aided countless businesses and companies in marketing their products and services effectively.

These businesses have accelerated their growth as a result of his 13 years of experience in online marketing.

Brian is the go-to guy for GMB and SEO expertise.

Today, the majority of business owners understand the critical nature of Google local maps SEO. Apart from organic SEO, another way to increase your business’s profit margins is to rank in the Local 3-Pack.

Google Maps local SEO has its own set of variables and ranking factors, one of which is the status of a company’s GMB page.

Brian Willie is an SEO expert, but how good is he? Has his 13 years of experience as an SEO expert resulted in business success?

Allow me to illustrate.

A law firm in Texas suffered a significant financial loss. Brian was hired by this law firm in 2006 to assist their struggling business by utilizing his exceptional SEO knowledge and marketing skills.

To summarize, the law firm’s annual revenue increased 600 percent in less than two years!

This increase in revenue is a clear demonstration of Brian Willie’s ability and expertise. He practices what he preaches, and his clients will attest to this.

Even today, Brian Willie remains highly relevant in the industry, training and coaching countless local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs on leveraging SEO’s revenue-boosting potential by targeting map listings.

His zealous pursuit of dominating Google Maps listings inspired him to create this GMB training course.

And while the map packs are extremely important…a lot has changed since 2006 and some of those same methods don’t work…

On top of that simply just establishing your GMB has become an extreme headache, not to mention suspensions.

If you’re interested in getting organic leads, but don’t want to deal with looking over your shoulder afraid that google will crack down…my #1 recommendation is something you should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER!

What Is The Google 3 Pack?

Is this the first time you’ve heard of Google Three Pack? If the answer is yes, it means only two things: The first is that you haven’t fully utilized the potential of SEO, and the second is that you may want to consider enrolling in the Maps LiftOff training.

In August 2015, a gathering of Google users noticed a significant shift in their SERP activity when searching for and typing “sushi.”

After the page refreshes, they typically receive at least seven restaurant listings in their area that serve their favorite sashimi or California Maki roll, along with their phone numbers if they require a reservation or opt for home delivery instead.

They received only three restaurants that appeared on the search list, each with a map indicating its proximity but no phone number.

They considered it unusual.

That unfortunate day was when Google initiated its 3 Pack local listings, which came as a surprise to local businesses and caused significant concern.

It would have been acceptable back then if you were merely a customer looking for a nearby restaurant to dine in.

When it comes to small business owners, the story is quite different. This means that if they solely rely on the internet, their chances of being invisible will increase.

As it was, competing for the seven top spots proved challenging and required a great deal of effort, let alone three.

Now that you’d need to compete for only three top spots, you’d have more work on your hands.

Google argues that internet access is no longer limited to computers. As a result, they needed to develop a method for results to display more fluidly on mobile devices, which makes sense.

Additionally, the new listing is location-based, resulting in more reliable organic search results.

If you’re a customer, you’ll see Google map ratings but no contact information. This is far superior if you want to demonstrate reliable results.

However, the 3-pack poses a threat to local businesses, as the likelihood of being overshadowed by larger establishments in local searches has increased.

Fortunately, if your online pages are optimized, this is not a concern. They are searchable via “mobile” devices and thus appear in the three local listings.

This is where Brian Willie’s training platform comes in – to give you and other small businesses a fighting chance to rank in the local listings despite Google’s algorithmic change.

Ramp Up To 6 Figures In 2021 Using A Simple Strategy

Optimizing solely for Google Maps will not result in the highest profit margins. You need to maximize the performance of your organic sites just as much as you need to optimize the performance of your Google Maps SEO.

Since 2014, I’ve been utilizing local lead generation to grow my six-figure online business.

What’s great about this is that it can run on autopilot, increasing your chances of financial independence.

Indeed, I earn more than most lawyers and physicians.


What Is The Google Map Pack?

It is composed of three highlighted Google-Maps results. It was seven years ago. The Google Map Pack highlights and displays the most highly ranked local businesses based on local ranking factors.

What Is GMB In Digital Marketing?

If your GMB listing is properly optimized, it can be an effective marketing tool in addition to traditional local SEO.

When your customers conduct local searches, the map listings will appear first in the search results.

How Does GMB Help SEO?

What’s great about GMB is that it allows you to increase your site’s visibility to potential and existing customers without waiting for your content to rank in the top ten SERPs.

It complements traditional local SEO.

Is GMB Worth It?

Indeed, it is!

GMB is a critical ranking factor for a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. Without it, your local SEO campaign will fall short of its full potential.

And what this ultimately means is that without a properly configured and optimized GMB, you risk losing revenue.

What Is A Google Local Listing In SEO?

It is an online profile that you create that includes your business’s NAP: Name, Phone Number, and Address, as well as other pertinent information about your business.

The majority of customers require your local presence in order to conduct their searches, which is why your business must be listed.

Is Maps Lift Off A Scam?

No, people find it not a scam. Brian’s training program is a legitimate online training platform for GMB.


It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful online business with this model.


Our #1 pick, unlike Maps Liftoff, actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

What Is Our Top Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2021?

brian willie maps liftoff reviews

Our review team has come across a program in the real estate industry that is next level!

Although it’s not real estate in the traditional sense, it’s all digital.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Where Maps Liftoff falls short, in my opinion, is in scalability. 

You can’t realistically expect to be able to set up a bunch of different GMB’s and get/keep them verified all day.

It just takes too many resources (money included) for any regular person to bootstrap.

But what if you could make even more money off of little local websites without having to spend all your day monitoring different campaigns?

With this digital real estate program, you can profit off LOCAL traffic to your website every single day!

Sound too good to be true? Of course it does! But it isn’t…in fact, business owners wish they had this skill!

All you have to do is build and rank a LOCAL website and forward the jobs off to a business owner in town, you could even email it to them!

This works for literally any service based business, tree service, plumbing, towing, etc. 

How do you get paid and how much?

Simple, after you forward the jobs off to a business owner and he makes some money off of them, you simply ask to make the deal beneficial for each other.

A fair price to charge per lead, depending on the industry is 10-20%…let’s just use the tree service industry for example and go by worst case scenario.

Let’s say you build and rank the site and only 10 jobs a month come in. The average tree service job is anywhere from $500-$2000!

That means at bare minimum you have an asset worth $500 a month!

See why they call it digital real estate now? That’s a rent payment. 

The great thing is how easy it is to scale. You don’t have to worry about various CPC’s setting off different campaigns in the red at different times.

Back to Maps Liftoff, why land a small $250 client when you could land a $1,000+ a month client with less stress?

This one actually allows you to collect HUGE FLAT RATE DEALS. Truly passive income!

The training program takes making money online to a whole other level. The owner of the program walks you through how to build and rank a site hand in hand, with the occasional voice over when he is sharing his screen.

You will learn the importance of keywords, website name, how to send call notifications via email, backlinking, etc.

Once the training program is completed you will also have access to a Facebook group much better than the Maps Liftoff group in our opinion. This group is much more active.

Unlike ML, where you’re getting maybe $250 per month, you could be getting 10-20X THAT. 

brian willie maps liftoff

A business will always want more leads and another job. In fact it doesn’t even matter that the job isn’t coming from their website name…they see it as it is…expanding digital real estate.

From what I’ve seen, unlike Maps Liftoff, more people have been able to walk away from their 9-5 job as well. 

Now, I know you probably have tons of questions… 

So, check this out to learn more.

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