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So who am I again?

My name’s Grant Garab. Over the last 2 years, I’ve grown my digital real estate empire to over 5 figures a month. That’s 6 figures a year. And it’s one of the many businesses my wife and I own.

I made it happen because I didn’t just focus on the “burn-n-churn” most agency courses teach.

I don’t care about taking people’s money unless I can help them make a lot more. And since I get kick-ass results for my clients, they keep paying me month after month.

grant garab and his family
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It's only up from here!

When someone pays me $1k a month and does $20k in sales that month, don’t you think they are gonna double down next month?

And if I’m still killing it for them 3 months later, how hard do you think it’s gonna be to convince them to refer me more business?

I don’t have to chase new clients every month and hope they re-new. I know they’re gonna stick around because I am getting them results and proving my worth.

We teach you how to get (and keep) clients the same way…make it a no-brainer argument for them to keep paying you.

... see what this client had to say

grant garab helps change lives
grant with his kids

And the best part? No Facebook ads. 

You’re not gonna need to tear your hair out trying to make Facebook ads work. What we teach is simpler and WAY more effective...the leads you send out are people who are looking for a service: lawn care, fence, a bouncy castle rental, whatever.

Be a Hero!

And since these people are looking, they’re WAY more likely to put down cash that day. That makes your client happy.

Especially because most of the time the leads they get are not good.

So you look like a hero by comparison.

Lead Generation Business
grant and his wife - ggmoney reviews

How did I start?

I started generating phone calls about 40 days in and it still continues to pay me every single month, WITH NO MAINTENANCE. Being that this system works every single time as long as you have a work ethic, it’s up to you how fast or slow you want to grow it. I grew my agency and was invited to speak in Vegas this year to show other students how they can grow their internet lead gen business to a whole other level. 

I now market for some of the biggest companies in the world, including a 12.78 billion dollar company on a few projects. At the end of the day, the goal is to create digital assets that take up real estate on the front page of Google to produce phone calls that we can pass off to business owners for a slice of the profit, over and over again. 


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