Local Marketing Vault Review: Is LMV Legit?

Are you looking to make money online? Get in line! But seriously speaking, we understand that people are going everywhere
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local marketing vault

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local marketing vault

Are you looking to make money online?

Get in line!

But seriously speaking, we understand that people are going everywhere for all kinds of methods to earn money on the internet.

You know why?

These days are demanding, the job market is looking poor, and everyone is searching for a side income.

There’s a high chance that you’ve come across this program/online course known as Local Marketing Vault from your searches. And I know you have a lot of questions churning in your head.

We’ll talk about whether lead generation is the right online business for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Local Marketing Vault and lead generation in general.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $50,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off Facebook and Google Ads for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

Who Are James Bonadies And Jason McKim?

James Bonadies And Jason McKim

Before we dive into the program, it’s a good idea to discuss a little of Jason and James’ background. Jason McKim and James Bonadies are the founders, mentors, and writers of the entire Local Marketing Course. This is one of the essential segments of this review.

And putting your trust in these guys is important.

  • Let us put it this way…if you build some type of online marketing agency, or any form of business for that matter… you want mentors that have ACTUALLY earned money with the same method they teach.
  • It may not be a shocker to you, but you’ll find many gurus around today that earn money from the online program itself and not through the system they teach on their program.


So, how did they go unnoticed?

Tai Lopez

These guys are not really close to Tai. James Bonadies and Jason, the co-founders, surprisingly practice what they preach. They generate their profit using the precise techniques they teach.

These two are not in the business of forcing you, as a student, to advertise their course as an affiliate immediately after you finish it. In reality, they don’t encourage it, at least.

James Bonadies and Jason are among the most active coaching partners you will ever see. They’re known to arrange different conferences throughout the entire year for their students and those interested in learning how they can earn money online. Additionally, they talk to and motivate their students constantly in their call every week. With people this focused on serving and leadership, you understand you are in good company.

So why does this program have numerous success stories?

Jason and James Bonadies mixed the very best skills of themselves in a way that could support you to not only beat the online competition but dominate it too!

So what exactly is both James and Jason’s expertise?

Jason is a Google AdWords and Facebook Ads mogul that knows how to build highly converting sales funnels.

James is entirely about being professional and implementing white hat techniques in the online marketing space. So when you combine their skills the manner they have…you now have the best of both worlds.

Local Marketing Vault.

Now that we all know a bit about Jason McKim and James Bonadies. Let’s move on to more in-depth about LMV!

What Is Local Marketing Vault?

local marketing vault review

Yes, Local Marketing Vault is another lead generation course type. This one is focused on Facebook and Google ads.

This business model is all about obtaining leads practically and immediately for your clients and constantly keeping that level of trust up higher right after you jump off from closing call.

It is a good concept and all, and there is no lack of strategy you can to partner with someone on it. But their business model does have some flaws…

Jason and James McKim say that you can enter into this course and discover how to:

  • Get Clients Easier
  • Land Clients Quicker
  • Get More Money From The Sale
  • Earn $10,000 Monthly Recurring In 90 Days!
  • Stop Being Fearful of Not Getting the Results You Promised

Lead Generation for local businesses has been running for a few years now…

And as good as James and Jason McKim believe that is…they have seen lots of people struggle to change their lives in terms of finances.

The majority of the issues they see people faced were the same. A local business owner was constantly asking for an ROI timeline.

Facebook was locking down their students accounts etc…

They instead argue that SEO has worked for some time, but it is simply not the most effective way anymore…

We differ with that statement, and we will explain why later on.

Nevertheless, the problems they presented were:

local marketing vault reviews
  1. It takes a lot of time to rank a local business
  2. Results may take some time to see
  3. Will the leads do well when they become available?

They say you will find different factors to cope with when implementing SEO to small local businesses, which is why people stay away from it.

Far from accurate IMO and you’ll see why later…

What Do You Get With Local Marketing Vault?

local marketing vault cost

You will receive complete training on their brand of new strategies and how they run their own lead generation business from scratch.

Here is a bit of breakdown of that process:

Step 1: Create a 2-page site

Step 2: Send paid visitors through advertisement coupon

Step 3: Collect leads

Step 4: Offer free leads with results in advance

Step 5: Upsell to a site

That sounds really easy, right?

Unfortunately, there are number of factors that go with it and multiple empty areas to cover. And though you get leads immediately with paid advertisement, it also uncovers a lot of unexpected complexity …

But what would you get inside LMV?

Facebook And Google Ads Pre Made Funnels

local marketing vault price

Within the course, you learn all you need to build the best Facebook Ads copy and also for Google ads.

They say that these strategies will help you generate leads quickly!

They also dive into the overview of managing PPC campaigns!

Here is their main menu to know more about their training.

Main Menu Local Marketing Vault

Main Menu Local Marketing Vault

Feel free to zoom in on this if you like!

This shows you all of the training you will receive while you’re in the program. If you noticed, SEO is not included on their list.

They teach you how to manage PPC and paid advertisements, build funnels, and even different tier of campaigns!

So what are niches this program would be effective? They promise it is going to work for hundreds! They use towing services as an excellent example in training, but several students have been getting good leads from real estate.

Local Marketing Vault makes sure not to leave you wanting for more. They ensure that their students/clients have all they need to generate leads constantly for businesses through their course strategy.

However, we do want some portion of SEO to be implemented. If you have a site with landing pages, even if it just 2, it would be wise to run some fundamental SEO to grab organic traffic in its long-term potential.

So what else will they provide?

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

Their Facebook group is one of the best features Jason McKim and James provide. It’s extremely energetic and it is filled with people asking questions and receiving answers all of the time!

I feel programs that provide a group set up this way are very helpful and would love to see more online courses that will follow this structure. It helps people stay connected and keeps them mentally “fit” and with proper mindset.

Not to mention if you always see people winning and landing clients, it will help strengthen your own personal perception that just a matter of time until you reach your goal.

From our little sneak peek on the program, I saw people landing customers each day and screenshots of people showing the number of leads they produced for the small business they are working with.

It is very clear that these guys are legitimate.

Can You Make Money With LMV?

Make Money With LMV

No question, you can make money with Local Marketing Vault! If you could not, they would not still be out there right now, would they?

You will find some people that make well more than $10,000 each month with this business model and have been for quite a long time!

The sole issue, though, is that it is not actually a passive income. You need to continuously check your paid ads and ensure leads and constantly coming through.

Paid ads are paid ads. It costs money which cuts to your profit margins. Therefore, it is not just Facebook ads that need constant monitoring, but your advertisements will cut your earnings month to month in different ways due to how frequently CPC changes.

There is a much less volatile version of lead generation though…check it out here!

How Much Does Local Marketing Vault Cost?

Local Marketing Vault is constantly adding new sales strategies, funnels, and new resource materials through the years, and also more students. As a result, their price has increased accordingly. With that being said, it does not appear as though the cost is set in stone I’ve seen numbers anywhere from $2,500-$5,000!

And for a Facebook ad course…not all that worth it in my book. But it could be for you!

The Problem With 99% Of Local Marketing Vault Reviews

reviews Local Marketing Vault

So what are the big problem issues with each one of these reviews? Why can they be so bad?

Well, first, we do not want to say these reviews are bad. In fact…they have a lot of good knowledge. These reviews of Local Marketing Vault provide the different sides of the program for your benefit especially as a beginner. But…

You will notice that many of these reviews of Local Marketing Vault are riddled with affiliate backlinks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it per se…but it does mean that they have the financial incentive to present things in a manner that makes you want to be in the program.

Our Local Marketing Vault (LMV) review does not contain any affiliate links for them, if you noticed. It means you can be confident that we are providing you with unbiased information!

Is Local Marketing Vault A Scam?

NO! LOCAL MARKETING VAULT ISN’T A SCAM. They provide an excellent education for your lead generation skills on Facebook and Google funnels. They show you a few great things to land good clients too. You can also generate the kind of money they promote if you follow their process.

Nevertheless, you will find much better ways to generate leads consistently long-term for business owners. And why don’t you dive into generating leads long-term anyway? That is where the money is to be made after all, and the business model is just simply more passive.

Local Marketing Vault Review: FAQ

How Is Local Marketing Vault Different From Affiliate Marketing?

Local Marketing Vault differs from affiliate marketing because you are not being required to promote $10 products to get a 5% cut.

There’s a lot more money to earn in lead generation.

Can A Beginner With No Tech Experience Do This?

Yes! The best thing about Local Marketing Vault is that they teach you how to set up ads starting from scratch. Setting up FB Ad doesn’t require you any technical or coding skills.

Local Marketing Vault even had grandmas get clients with this business model.

My #1 Recommended Online Business Model!

I like to avert RISK as much as possible. Now we all know lead generation is a very profitable business model…but there are different ways of doing so, especially better ways than FB.

Lead Generation Business Model Better Than Facebook

We recommend organic lead generation. Basically, all you have to do is build a website and rank it. It takes a little longer, and you do have to use SEO…but it’s not as bad as you’ve been led to believe, let’s break it down a little bit!

Why Organic Lead Generation Is Better

Well for one, you never have to worry about your website getting suspended. No one can take your website off of google, not even the zucc!

For two, you don’t have to worry about paid traffic forever…

See this is why it’s so much better. You can run ads temporarily to your site, but once you rank your site, you’ll get a lot of traffic organically…and your profit margins will be nearly 100%!

Yep, no more worrying about half of your monthly retainer going to the ad budget…you get to keep all of it. Straight to the pocket it goes!

Where Do I Learn?

So where do you go? Who teaches this kind of stuff?

I’ve searched high and low for a program that teaches exactly that and I found one!

In fact, it’s the same course I used to build my own lead generation business to over $40,000 per month in PASSIVE income!

This course and its coach teach walk you through the whole entire process. From building the site, all the way to ranking it!

In fact, they even teach you how to run FB and Google ads to generate leads in the short term while your site ranks!

90%+ Success Rate

The Best Online Business Model Today

Low Investment, HIGH Returns

See the exact business model, strategies, and dozens of success stories on the next page