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“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed.” - Tony Robbins
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john whiting infinite leads review
John Whiting Infinite Leads

Infinite Leads is a transparent online educational course taught by the one and only, the leads magician himself, John Whiting. 

As the name suggests – this program will indeed gain you an infinite amount of leads.

What sets the infinite leads course apart from others is it can help you generate leads almost completely automated. 

Which translates into once your system is set up, there’s no need to worry about trying to gather a bunch of clients.

They will come a’ rolling on their own, which makes this program a very alluring option indeed.

John Whiting Infinite Leads does guarantee a prosperous outcome; so what might stop you from taking this advantageous and productive system.

Let’s dig in a little further.

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john whiting infinite leads review

John Whiting’s Background

John Whiting is an ex- AAGT professional golfer turned business entrepreneur. 

He started his first advertising and marketing company in 2014. By 2017 he founded Digital Kryptonite. Digital Kryptonite was a pay-per-performance marketing company located in Sarasota, Florida. 

DK generated over 42,000 leads and served 372 clients before being acquired by Scale 2X in 2019. 

Now he is the CEO of Business Growth for Entrepreneurs, a 6 step program that teaches its students how to obtain their first $1 million and beyond.

Infinite Leads Course Summary

The Infinite leads course is a 4 week program and is essentially for anybody selling anything to anybody else. 

This course would be great for entrepreneurs, salespeople, coaches, trainers, consultants, and even full-agencies. With over 50 video tutorials, here is how the course breaks down.

  • Getting Started
    • Lead Generation Fundamentals
    • Types of Leads
    • Definitions You Need to Know
    • Choosing Your Channel
    • Defining Your Target Market
    • Calendar Set-up
  • Mindset – The most Important Aspect of Lead Generation
    • What All Business Activities Need – Basics of Communication
    • How to Guarantee an Increase in Income
    • How to Get Rid of Any Negative Feeling
    • How to Think Through Progress and Stay Motivated
    • How to Know What to Do and When
    • How to Set Up Your Day for Success
    • How to Get the Highest Return on Your Time
    • The Flexibility of Viewpoints and Why it’s Important
    • How to Get Anything you Want
    • Getting Specific to Clear Your mind
    • The Viewpoint You Need to Scale Anything
    • The Power of One: How to Keep Going When You Don’t Want To
    • When in Doubt, Simplify
    • Big Games vs. Small Games
    • Why Disagreeing leads to Success
    • If You Can Waste It, You Can Have It
    • Planning and Projecting for Success
  • Business Leads
    • How to Craft a Message Guaranteed to Get Responses
    • What to Say When You Don’t Have Statistics or a Track Record
    • The Ultimate B2B Campaign Strategy
    • LinkedIn- Just Starting Out
    • LinkedIn- How to Make a Killer Profile
    • LinkedIn- List Creation
    • Cold Email- Email Mining Basics
    • Cold Email- B2B Campaign Setup
  • Consumer Leads
    • B2C Campaigns Overview
    • Facebook Ads for Consumer Leads
    • How to get People to Show Up to a Physical Location
    • How to Build an Email List Fast (and cheap)
  • Automation
    • Automation Overview
    • LinkedIn Automation
    • Proposal Automation
  • Sales
    • Sales Fundamentals You Need to Know
    • The Entire Goal of Selling
    • How to Guarantee You Get prospects on the Phone
    • How to Handle No-Shows and Follow-Ups
    • The Sales Call and Presentation
    • Sales Mindset- Consistent Action Averaging
    • How to Crush Any Objection
    • How to Handle Difficult Prospects
  • Bonuses
    • Beyond Digital Marketing Keynote and Workshop Guide
    • Recommended Book List
    • Recommended Tools and the Cost
    • Niching Down Your Offering
    • Thoughts on Branding, Naming, Logos, and Websites
    • (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Hiring
  • The very same company that John Whiting owns, Digital Kryptonite, uses these same solutions and strategies
  • This program is marketed for various types of people, in a multitude of different business fields
  • Easy to digest video tutorials engage and educate even those without technical acumen and marketing expertise
  • This program goes over pretty much everything you could use to help bring leads to you, get the sale, and expand as a business
  • By taking this system and using it, you can have 99 percent of your business automated
  • With over fifty educational videos
  • The curriculum of the course is divided into multiple parts, including:
    • Getting Started: definitions, target market, fundamentals, plus so much more
    • Mindset: motivation, specificity, and communication
    • Business Leads: LinkedIn, cold emails, and business to business campaign strategies
    • Consumer Leads: email lists and Facebook Ads
    • Automation: proposal and LinkedIn automation 
    • Sales: handling difficulties and objections with sales calls 
    • Bonus: book and tool recommendations, and even more extras 

As you can see, this is a thorough and very intensive online course but the true merit of it might shock you. 

What John Whiting is essentially giving you is a behind the curtain look of what it takes to lead a profitable lead generation agency. 

You have been given the chance to learn what has been successful for a huge company, and that is very beneficial indeed. 

Not only will you be taught the type of software they use, but you will also have the scripts and emails they trust. 

And what’s quite possibly the most anticipated aspect of this system is that almost all of it is automated.

Really, who is gonna say no, to an automatic system that does all of the work while you sit back and watch your business succeed?

How I Make $45,000 per Month Online

Very similarly to this John Whiting Infinite Leads review, the local lead gen biz I run sends leads to small businesses with a twist (more on that twist later). 

Most of these businesses do not understand what they need to accomplish with their business online or how to build their business successfully once they’re there.

Now, for the twist. Check out this little site I built and own:

I built that sucker back in 2019 and it pays me $1,000 every single month to this day. Passive income, mailbox money.

Basically, I build the simple site, rank the site, generate free traffic and send the leads to a small business owner that I’m working with. The best part about working with these business owners is how much they appreciate more work.

When you can come in and change someone else’s life, it’s an incredible feeling. Help people and make a shit ton of money? Yep, I can get down with that.

I’ve touched that site maybe once or twice since I built it and he still pays me to this day because it continues to make his phone ring off the hook.

After that, I’ll go build another city in a different niche or city. Easy.

The best part is I can run and build this business whenever, wherever I want. Screw the 9 to 5 bullshit.

True laptop lifestyle here. Throw my laptop in my backpack and take the wife and kids on a vacation anywhere they wanna go.

Anyway, enough rambling. You can just click here to learn more about what this can do for you.


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